Finding the best vendors requires

government records

time & effort

significant research

insider knowledge

Many people have problems in China because vendors on Alibaba cannot always be trusted.

Never accept the price as is. Always negotiate in China. It’s part of the culture.

— Amethyst Wytiu, COO, Next Step China

No minimum quantities or volumes

We work with everyone from individual inventors through the Fortune 500. We handle products ranging from high-volume consumer goods to precision medical devices.

Sourcing + support

Unlike a traditional agent, we have both front-line operators and back-office engineers with advanced degrees and decades of experience in design and manufacturing. We can help you with more than just acquiring a quote. We can help you understand how to evaluate quotes with unequal terms, recognize safety or regulatory concerns, select comparable products or processes, or even help you with redesigning for cost reduction.

No hidden markups!

Because we handle a large number of clients, we can achieve economies of scale that allow us to employ expensive engineering experts, yet keep our margins razor thin. It all adds up to a competent, expedient, and efficient sourcing experience for you.

Expert sourcing without the $20,000 price tag

Everything we do is at your direction and available to you. If we get a quote, you can see the original document (we'll help you translate it of course!). If we need to cover duties and other government fees, we'll show you the bill. If there is intermediate paperwork, it'll be available in your account. You get the idea.

We are not middle-people. We are your team.

Put China to work for you.

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