Small Assembly Line

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Small Assembly Line


1. Incoming Materials Inspection (IQC)

Log sample test results by batch and track all the way through to finished goods to identify problem suppliers and tightly scope any recall.

2. Fabrication & Build Out (MP)

Display clear, color, up-to-date instructions (SOP) directly to line workers in their native language to avoid errors and miscommunication. Track and record worker actions. Centrally manage procedures for all your lines worldwide. Building a customizable product? Instructions can be updated to match specific order configuration automatically via API integration with your ordering software.

3. Finished Goods Acceptance Testing (AQL)

Capture test results from test equipment, record functional testing with video, and document condition with photos. You build a quality product and now you can prove it. Using a 3rd Party Inspection company? Now you can perform an audit on your auditors for total quality assurance.


4. Test Equipment

Use CORE to log your test equipment results with the serial number of the batch or units tested to tightly scope recalls, diagnose difficult anomalies, and satisfy regulators.

5. a-console

The Assembly a-Console is a high performance computing system with a 15” 4:3 True-color touch-panel display used to issue work instructions and log the results.

6. a-cube

The Assembly a-Cube is a compact sensor module with multiple cameras and other transducers. It can function as a high-speed code scanner as well as deliver high-throughput photography.

7. Legacy Test Equipment

No data port on your test equipment? No problem! CORE OCR technology can read your instrument's display just like a human operator and extract the numerical measurement value!


Get Realtime Updates Anywhere in the World

Assembly CORE is modern connected infrastructure monitorable from anywhere in the world. Get alerts when significant events occur or just checkout the current status from your beach house!

Worldwide Redundant Infrastructure

Assembly has spent over two years perfecting our data processing, transport, and storage infrastructure. We have exported terabytes of data from remote Chinese factories — tens of thousands of photos, videos, and metadata records daily!