We started in 2014 as GetScale. 
Now we're Assembly.

We build trust, reduce waste, and reward better labor practices.

Assembly helps high quality Chinese manufacturers document their effectiveness and win new foreign business.

Assembly helps companies manufacturing in China verify products are tested to their standards.

Crowdfunding has fueled an increase in innovative product companies turning to Chinese factories for production. Yet, Chinese factories seem undifferentiated because they all make the same, unverifiable claims of excellence. This results in competition centered on price. Factories are forced to under-bid contracts to win business, but often, they later surprise the customer with quality problems and delays.

This process is broken. We install cameras and remote monitoring software on the assembly line, and this ensures compliance with test protocol, improves quality, reduces liability, and helps fight warranty fraud.


The relationship between brands and their contract factories is fundamentally broken.

We charge a nominal per-unit fee to the OEM and revenue share with the factory when they demonstrate compliance with quality standards (whether units pass or fail). It encourages better behavior from factories and rewards those who perform with an audit trail of good performance that helps them win new foreign business. On average, defect rate will fall 75% within 5 months of deploying Assembly at a factory


Assembly creates a healthy relationship between product companies and factories.

Put China to work for you.

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