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Assembly Now includes an experienced, college-educated, inspection staff supported by both US-based and Shaghai-based engineering teams.

The Best Deal on China Factory Work

Our inspectors are experienced, college-educated, tech-savvy, and supported by both US-based and Shanghai-based engineering teams. You get the best for less.

Everything from Site Visits to Lab Tests

Your Assembly Now plan includes sample inspections, discounts on site visits, and subsidized laboratory testing fees. It's the best deal in the industry for businesses that care about quality

Production Inspection

Visit the factory before, during, or after production to perform sampling or complete coverage testing to ensure compliance with your standards.

Container Loading Supervision

Monitor the loading process to ensure accurate quantity, container condition, proper handling, and to prevent the substitution of goods.

Supplier Audit & Credit Check

Analyze the commercial risk of your supplier. We check with the local government, financial institutions, factory licensing agencies, and visit the site.

Laboratories & Certifications

Technical support, testing, and filing services to ensure safety and acquire international certifications UL, CE, EMC, FCC, INMETRO, BIS, ETL, SASO, et al.

Sample Testing

We will collect and analyze sample articles off-site (in our facilties) to aide you in comparing vendors, evaluating prototypes, or verifying production runs.

Social Compliance Audit

Inspections to assess general health & safety: discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, compensation, forced labor, & child labor.

Same Day Service

Assembly Now has 4 offices in China (and growing!). Most Chinese factories are within 100km of an Assembly office and can be reached same-day to mitigate urgent situations.

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