The Assembly a-Cube is a compact sensor module with multiple cameras and other transducers. It can function as a high-speed code scanner as well as deliver high-throughput photography.

Process Indicator

A large green √ or red X appears on the top of the cube as work progresses

Recording Indicator

Conventional red dot recording light to remind operator to terminate on task completion

Environment Camera

170deg Field of View can see operator and workshop environment (usage optional)

Air Condition Sensors

Records temperature and humidity continuously to ensure viable ambient conditions for your process

3D Attitude Sensor

Records origin angle to enhance machine vision algorithms and detects excessive vibration in the work platform

“Laser” Targeting

Red-dot center point illuminator aides operator with positioning barcodes for optimal scanning throughput

Inspection Camera

12 Megapixel 24bit color sensor with proprietary low-mass lens assembly for ultra high-speed focusing

Integrated Intelligent Illumination (I3)

Up to 2W of 3000K “Cool White” lighting activated automatically in 8 different zones to eliminate shadowing and reduce exposure time

Photo Mount

Standard 1/4-20 mount fits almost any arm, stand, or clamp on the market

Single Cable Simplicity

USB 2.0 cable provides both power and data and is widely available in many lengths and directions

External Lighting Control

Automatic control of any 12V LED light source up to 40W. Includes dimmer and photoflash capability, power monitoring, x safety shutdown

Brand Lighting

Light the cube in your choice of color. Make it match your logo or decor!